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Chef & Somm

804 Wilson Avenue Toronto ON M3K 1E5

If you are looking for excellent dining and upscale service, stay right where you are. Chef & Somm. is coming to you. From market to winery to your own dining table, our chef and sommelier service combines culinary genius with excellence in wine stewardship to deliver exquisite, personalized in-home dining experiences. The moment you engage our services, your satisfaction is our focus.As high profile as our experts may be, the experience does not revolve by a celebrity chef, but rather, being treated like a celebrity guest in the comfort of your home. Highlights of our service: A multi-course menu tailored around your taste preferences, executed by a culinary artist with wine pairings. An informed wine selection that respects your likes and dislikes while honouring the principles of pairing. Provision of all cooking and serving utensils, plus discreet, professional on-site preparation and clean-up. Considering a big night out? Opt for a big night in instead